The UDL Journey Guide

This digital travel companion guides district leaders and teams through four phases of implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL), with connections to state and national support along the way. 

So, whether you’re brand new to UDL, or you’ve already begun your implementation journey, we’ve got you…

A Product of Partnership

The CCCE has developed the UDL Journey Guide in partnership with CAST, the originators of Universal Design for Learning. Together, we’ve developed a set of suggested steps and related resources so that you can implement UDL with intentionality and fidelity, all aligned to what good implementation “looks like” in districts and schools: the UDL School Implementation Criteria (UDL-SICC). 

To begin implementation planning, both your district and school teams will benefit from using CAST’s UDL School Implementation Criteria (UDL-SICC) to conduct a comprehensive review of their current UDL implementation practices. Reviewing the UDL-SICC domains and elements helps your teams develop a common understanding of what it takes to build effective school-wide UDL implementation.

Domain 1: School Culture and Environment
Domain 2: Teaching and Learning
Domain 3: Leadership and Management
Domain 4: Professional Learning

The Path

We’ve laid out a pathway for implementing UDL across your district, segmented into 4 phases. You and your team can review these phases, download customizable work plans, and contextualize the guidance to best fit your needs, aspirations, and constraints. If you’re not sure which phase best fits your current status, try using the UDL GPS to better situate yourself on the path.

The UDL GPS Implementation Tool

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