UDL and Blended Learning

“At the heart of blended learning, what we’re trying to do is shift control from teacher to learner.”

Blended learning is active, engaging learning offline combined with active, engaging learning online. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) supports blended learning by enhancing the flexibility of the learning experience while maintaining high expectations for all students.

Dr. Catlin Tucker is an educator, author, speaker, consultant, and internationally recognized expert in Blended Learning. In the videos below, Dr. Tucker describes how UDL and Blended Learning connect and provides guidance on the necessary mindsets and potential first steps for implementing these approaches. 

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Learn more about UDL and Blended Learning by watching the videos below. To go deeper, check out the resources listed under “Ways to Learn More”.

UDL and Blended Learning: Part 1

Dr. Catlin Tucker defines Universal Design for Learning, Blended Learning, and the power and promise of combining the two.

UDL and Blended Learning: Part 2

Dr. Catlin Tucker describes the key beliefs and mindsets for implementing UDL and Blended Learning.

UDL and Blended Learning: Part 3

Dr. Catlin Tucker gives teachers advice on how to begin universally designing Blended Learning.

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